Pimsleur. Pimsleur. Pimsleur
Pimsleur. Pimsleur. Pimsleur. That's what everyone recommended when I asked them what course to join to learn a new language. Pimsleur approach is too good especially that recalling one what they famously call challenge and response. I was surprised to know that course is been running for 50 years. Well coming back to my experience I was happy with the after results of the course. My French friends were also surprised with the ease I learned the language that too in a short span and sitting home not in those boring classes. Now like my friend even I can recommend Pimsleur to anyone.
John White
Washington, USA

All Thanks To Pimsleur.
For a person in my profession (wild life photographer) travelling use to be one hell of a job. You go to new places and it irritates and at times befuddles you when you don't know the country's language. I recalled someone once telling me about Pimsleur. So I thought to give it a shot, so before going to Hungary this time I took up Pimsleur Hungarian product as this was of short course of only 10 hours and after the completion when I went to Hungary this time, man I enjoyed there. This was the experience I never had before, I talked to the aboriginals there in their language and they also felt good and treated me well. All thanks to Pimsleur.
Jaipur, India

Pimsleuris Certainly One Of The Best Products To Learn Languages.
I am a professor at an international university; here students from all over world come to study. I love to know about the culture of various places but you cannot understand it unless you know their language, even students feel more like telling when you connect with them in their native language. One of my friends recommended me about Pimsleur. I opted for their Spanish course and was amazed by Pimsleur technique and method they deploy. Pimsleuris certainly one of the best products to learn languages. I now know 3 new languages and speak them quite well too because I prefer conversing with students in their native language. Thanks to Pimsleur that it kept my interest alive in culture.
Matt Cruz
California , USA

I am a business man and have to travel to other countries for business purposes. I have heard a lot about Pimsleur and its products but I never believed until I tried it myself. After the completion of course not only I was amazed by its result but also my business partners with whom now I conversed in their language. Pimsleur helped me a lot with my business and now when I am in other countries I enjoy the locality of theirs which I got to know that I missed in earlier time.Pimsleur products are simply brilliant. I have learned 2 languages via it and looking forward for more.
Jack Pitt
New York, USA